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Miller T94i Welding Helmet

My grandfather used to say you get what you pay for. If you go cheap, you get a Pinto. If you go luxurious then you get a Cadillac. The Miller T94i, is MY Cadillac.
Miller Gen 4 Headgear

Premium Headgear

The Miller T94i welding helmet is a masterpiece all on its own. It features a comfortable 4 point flexible headgear with cushioning at every point that you can think of. 

This is one of the most sought-after aspects in a welding helmet that I look for when purchasing. If I can't wear it comfortably all day, if needed, then I just keep looking.

If you can't dish out the price for the T94i then there's an option for you. You can just purchase a replacement Gen 4 headgear.


The T94i would mostly suit someone who is in a stationary position in my opinion.  Coming from someone who welds in the field in tight spaces this isn't the best welding helmet for the job.

The weight of the helmet does get a little tiresome after a while. The grinding shield doesn't do much good when you don't do much grinding, to begin with. It just adds weight and gets in the way most of the time so removing it is easy as pie.

Wide display

T94i Welding Helmet
Ok, so you've seen the pictures of the 2 areas to the left and the right of the auto-darkening lens. Those are actually passive lens' at a 5 shade.

They are a constant shade, which means that they are one shade and don't change when welding. The expand your peripheral vision while your welding to help you stay more aware of your surroundings while your welding. 

I've found this lens' very helpful while I'm welding. Since most of my work is done in the field I can keep a better eye out for others that may be walking by.

This particular auto-darkening lens comes loaded with some nice and helpful features
T94i Auto-Darkening Lens

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Miller T94i are as follow. It is a pretty amazing piece of PPE(Personal Protective Equipment). It's comfortable to wear throughout the day, my line of sight through the lens' is extremely helpful and the functionality and controls of the display is both smooth and easy to use.

The price is a little steep for a welding helmet but if I had to purchase it again I would knowing what I know now.

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