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SainSonic BM-7 Bone Conduction Headphone Review: Good or Bad?


SainSonic BM-7

Man talking about a different listening experience. You can just feel the audio vibrations surging through your skull to your inner ear while still being able to hear everything around you. Here's a little insight on what I've just experienced and why I believe you should too.

First off, I just have to say that I love the color of these. The Ionian Blue just makes these stand out in a crowd along with the design. They will be turning heads everywhere you go. 

Have you ever heard someone trying to talk to you while your listening to music with standard/Bluetooth headphones? No? Well guess what, with these it's possible. 

How they work.

The way bone conduction headphones work is that they bypass the eardrum. The BCH acts like your eardrum. They decode the sound, that's transmitted to them, into vibrations that are sent through the temporal bone straight into the Cochiea. Then the vibrations are decoded by the Cochiea and registers as sound by the brain. No eardrum involvement.

How Sensory Hearing Loss Happens

Hearing loss comes about in a couple of ways. Old age and hearing loud noises for long periods of time. Listening to any sound of 80 decibels or more for more than 60 minutes can cause some hearing loss. Anything after that is more than likely going to cause damage that can't be repaired. Once it's gone, it's gone.

My opinion of the BM-7 Headphones by SainSonic.

So far they haven't failed me yet and I'm really shocked at this new experience of being able to listen to my music while still being able to hear everything around me.

If your like me, a stay at home father of 5, then being able to listen to what the kids are getting into is a must. With the BM-7 headphones I can clean, listen to music and make sure that my kids don't get into anything or get hurt while I'm doing so.

They take a little getting used to at first. I found out that if I have my music cranked up all the way my face get's tickled by the vibrations of the music. It doesn't bother my ears themselves which is a plus.

The band isn't adjustable around your head so it's one of those one size fits all kind of things. 

They are really easy to set up also. First you want to make sure that your Bluetooth is turned in the on position on your device. Then, with the headphones powered off, you want to hold down the power button for 6 seconds to enable the pairing of the devices. It's that simple.

The audio isn't as clear as it would be if you had standard headphones/earbuds. I'd say that the quality difference is more like 1% degraded quality. In other words, the sound is just a little muffled. I expected that from these since the vibrations have to go through skin, meat, bone and probably cartilage.

They stayed put on my face while I was at the gym going through my routine. On the tredmill while I was jogging I didn't have any problems with having to readjust them and no problems listening to my music. They're freaking awesome.

They are available on Amazon right now and you get free 2-day shipping if your a Prime Member.

They also have a built in answer button on the left ear piece and a built in microphone. It tickles my face sometimes when person on the other line speaks a little loudly but I'm not complaining.

SainSonic BM-7 Bone Conduction Headphones
My advice is to not listen to the music with the volume turned up all the way. The vibrations on your face would be to much to bare and it would tickle a lot also.

Feel free to leave any comments below. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this review.

Sadly after writing this review post the SainSonic BM-7 headphones are no longer available on Amazon through the links I have provided. Another great recommendation on bone conduction BlueTooth headphones is the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones.


  1. I just received my headphones. I've found a couple of things, I'm wondering if you have the same things.
    1) If I take them off and put them down beside me I can still hear the music coming out of them. I was under the impression that they can only work when they are touching the bone by your ear.
    2) I tried to make a phone call, and people can't hear me. I can hear them but they can't hear me and I'm sitting in a quite room. Don't think these would work in my car. Did you have any of these issues?

    1. Hello and thanks for reading my post. As for the answer for your first question, yes I can hear them when they're off of my head. They work weather they're on your head or off. The way they work is they by sending vibrations through your skull to your inner ear and all sound is is vibrations through the air. So they still emit sound but not in the traditional way. For your second question I haven't had that problem. When I talk on the phone with someone they are able to hear me just fine in the house or in the car.


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