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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protection

So, I have been through a lot of different screen protector for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Some of them are the typical peel-n-stick screen protectors (The ones I'm less likely to buy), then you have the wet applied ones and finally you have your tempered glass screen protectors.


The Coos 3 Pack;

First off, I don't particularly like these types of screen protectors anymore. For the simple fact that I can't seem to get rid of all of the bubbles no matter how many times I've tried to get it right.

When you receive your package in the mail and open it you'll realize at how much your actually getting. You'll be getting the 3 Pack TPU Screen Protectors, Dust Removal Stickers, Guide Stickers, Scratched Card, cleaning cloth and Installation and Use Guide.

To me, saying I like the peel-n-stick type, it's actually a good deal but I don't use them anymore for the simple fact that I get to many bubbles.

Wet Applied

Now here's where the bubble free zone comes in. Wet applied screen protectors are extremely simple and easy to apply. A lot 
better chance to not have any bubbles and that I love. Here in this section I go through the different ones that I've used so far for my S7 Edge.

IQ Shield ClearHD/Matte:

If you haven't had a chance to use a wet applied screen protector then this is a must in the list of screen protectors that you should try out.

This particular one from IQ Shield is a very good screen protector to say the least. There isn't any difference in sensitivity, functionality or glare than the actual phone screen itself.

It does offer some amazing protection from scratches tho and it comes with a warranty just in case. Which means that it's replace for free if scratched up to much. It comes with everything you need to install the screen protector.

It covers the entire screen, just in case your wondering and if you install your case correctly it doesn't interfere with the screen protector.

ArmorSuit BodySuit:

Now if you don't plan on having a case on your $800 cell phone, and you would be crazy not to, then this is a good full coverage protection option against scratches.

It covers the entire front of the phone, the sides, the back glass and even the rear camera glass.
It is another wet applied screen protector which makes it awesome to have no bubbles. Which is nice because you can hardly notice it when it's on the phone.

I personally liked this one. Because even tho I have a case on my phone dirt still gets in the case between the phone and the case.

Skinomi TechSkin:

Now with this one, like the IQ Shield, is very well crafted. It provides excellent scratch protection and no decreased sensitivity or functionality.

The only thing between the Skinomi and the IQ Shield is that the Skinomi doesn't come with a squeegee, which is a very big help when applying the screen protector. 


There are different options when buying. You have a choice between the clearhd version, matte version, case friendly and a 2 pack.

All of which provide excellent protection. I prefer the Matte version the most. It reduces the glare factor by a lot and that's a huge plus.

I hoped I have clarified the different types of screen protectors out there for the Galaxy S7 Edge and have expressed my opinion clearly. I haven't been able to test out a tempered glass screen protector for the S7 Edge yet. The ones that I've found so far don't seem to be worth it at the moment. I will update later if I find a decent tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. 

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